Passion Flowers - a guide to Passionflowers in the UK

Passion Flowers - a guide to Passionflowers in the UK

How to grow Passionflowers / Plant Care

In temperate climates passionflowers can be grown easily. Instead of buying from a specialist supplier, you can get seed from the supermarket cheaply if you are merely looking for regular varieties of passiflora.

However, passionate gardeners are unlikely to be content with growing common varieties and look to specialist growers for plants to grow. Our suppliers directory is a starting point in finding unusual species of passion flowers. The custodian of the National Collection of Passiflora is John Vanderplank of Greenholm Nurseries.

There are perennial flowers and annual flowers among the passiflora varieties. Of all the species of Passiflora, the Passiflora caerula is the easiest to grow as it is the hardiest. It can even grow outdoors and prefers the shade to sunny locations. This garden flower is a vigorous climber and twines through any tree or big shrub. A frost sustaining species is Passiflora actinia. Spring is the best time to plant Passiflora. In free-draining compost with bottom heat (using a soil based mixture of equal parts sharp sand or gravel, medium or course peat and loam), sow the pre-soaked seeds. They have to be pricked out into three-inch pots. Plenty of direct sunlight is required. These flower plants will flourish against south–facing walls or in a container. Care is to be taken while transplanting because the roots of these plants are very brittle. In warm and humid conditions the nectaries on leaf edges attract ants which remove various other predatory insects like butterfly genus Heliconius, caterpillars etc. Sometimes Passiflora is cultivated only for the purpose of growing butterflies in butterfly sanctuaries. Authoritative websites: BBC - Passionflowers EasyFruit - How to Grow Passion Fruit GardeningExpress - Planting tips and ordering passionflowers

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