Passion Flowers - a guide to Passionflowers in the UK

Sending Passion Flowers by Mail

Flowers are said to be one of the most beautiful form of expressing gratitude, sympathy or love. The joy of opening the door to an unexpected flower delivery is a memorable experience.

Sending exotic flowers such as passionflowers is an unusual gift to a loved one - and one not instantly forgotten. While traditional love flowers such as roses and lilies are appreciated by many, they can be eclipsed by a beautiful and unforgettable display of symbolic passion flowers (just make sure that the recipient knows their horticultural name...).

These tropical flowers, present in various colours and with blue flowers, pink flowers, yellow flowers, purple and white flowers etc are only rarely used by florists for bouquets. When they are, they look stunning (pictures to follow). Passiflora are also called wedding flowers and Christmas flowers because of their symbolism (see "History and Origin"). They are used as love flowers and card flowers by various flower shops. Passionflowers as garden flowers are packed in a box carefully and sent to the person intended in arranged or unarranged form. Passiflora growers will find excellent tips for packing passionflower cuttings and plants at Ian's Passiflora Website. Jungle Seeds - Search for "Passiflora" (Seeds only) Interflora - currently not stocking passiflora bouquets - Passionflower Gift Basket

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